I am Back for more Blogging.

So, I have come back to my blog. I was always going to have a holiday but it really blew out beyond what I intended. But there is no point looking back because I am writing again to look forward. I was excited about going back to university and doing a Music Performance Degree. However things out of my control meant that I couldn’t continue. It is a long story and has nothing to do with music so I will leave it there. My, genuine, hope was to start again after one term but then the Coronavirus happened and now I am hopeful to be back in September but if I am realistic it is probably be February of next year.

The amazing thing about the time that I spent on the course was that I came away with a very clear idea of what I needed to do to get the most out of the 2 year course.

The possibilities are huge with film and animation courses in the same complex. My first love is film music so this is the place for me. My first reason for being on the course was that I wanted to teach and write courses for students to do music courses wherever they lived, especially in rural areas. That is still part of the plan but I know, from experience, that having a range of possible incomes is the best way to be successful and have longevity. So I am going to explore as many collaborations that I can and see which ones I am good at so that I can earn a living. I now know that if I can build something over the next 10 years, I can then bring others in to run it when I retire, in 10 years, and still get an income.

All this is not very Rock’n’Roll but my days of Rock’n’Roll are gone. I blew it when I was young and didn’t appreciate the opportunities that were given me. I put more effort into drinking alcohol than being the best musician that I could be. Alcohol has gone because it is only for fools and my focus is on re-discovering the talent that I always had.

When I married and had kids I left music behind because I didn’t believe in my ability to earn money from music but now that I am older I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In my diary I have the weeks counting down to September and I have a plan on how I am going to use those weeks. I have 21 weeks starting today so I am going to take you along on the ride and share with you what I get right, wrong and everything in between.

On Friday I will talk about the music side of the blog. So far I have had lots of ideas but not really a plan so there are bits of stuff. I am going to fill in the gaps and put together more e-books, especially around Music Theory. More of that on Friday. Blogs on Monday and Friday from now on and see what happens. Enjoy.

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