Creating Chord Extensions on the Guitar.

This post will build on the previous post – Chord Extensions. Here I will show how to take a common chord and create the extensions around it.

The notes are written below, using C Major as an example but can be used for any Major chords. When you realise that there are many, playable, versions of the C Major chord to be found on the guitar you can build a range of versions of the other chords. Not every chord will be playable in every shape but many will.

Here I am using the C Major chord on the 5th fret (using the A Major shape) and building around it.

Major Chords (Using notes of the Major Scale – e.g. C Major – C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C,).

C Major Scale

Triad = 1, (Major) 3, 5.                                                                    Eg. C Major – C,E,G.

C Major

Major 6th –           Major Triad + 6 note.                                  C Major 6    – C,E,G,A.

C Major 6

Major 7th –           Major Triad + 7 note                                     C Major 7    – C,E,G,B.

C Major 7

Major 9th –           Major Triad + 7 + 9 notes.                        C Major 9    – C,E,G,B,D.

C Major 9

Major 11th –         Major Triad + 7 + 9 + 11 notes.                 C Major 11  – C,E,G,B,D,F.

Unplayable in this position.

Major 6/9 –           Major Triad + 6 + 9 notes.                     C Major 6/9  – C,E,G,A,D.

C Major 6/9

Major add 9 –       Major Triad + 9 note.                            C Major add 9  – C,E,G,D.

C Major add 9

Major add 11 –      Major Triad + 11 note.                           C Major add 11 – C,E,G,F.

Unplayable in this position.

So, hopefully you can see that by knowing one Chord (A Major) and knowing how to move it up and down the fret board (see Move able Chords – A Major) and then using the examples above you can play at least one version of the chord extensions shown for every Major chord you will come across. Enjoy.

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