Moveable Chords in E.

Most of the chords found in the open position can be moved up the fret board to become new chords. The following are examples of what is possible with the E or Em chords. To read these diagrams the vertical lines are strings and the horizontal lines are frets. The left most string is the thickest string.

0 is the open strings and the frets are numbered.

You could literally play most popular songs, to some degree with the E Major and E Minor shapes below. The Esus4 adds interest as a passing chord.

E Major (E)

Open – D#/Eb Major

Fret 1  – E Major

Fret 2 – F Major

Fret 3  – F#/Gb Major

Fret 4  – G Major

Fret 5  – G#/Ab Major

Fret 6  – A Major

Fret 7  – A#/Bb Major

Fret 8  – B Major

Fret 9  – C Major

Fret 10- C#/Db Major

Fret 11- D Major Fret 12- D#/Eb Major

E Sus 4

Open  – D sus4

Fret 1  – D#/Eb sus4

Fret 2  – E sus4

Fret 3  – F sus4

Fret 4  – F#/Gb sus4

Fret 5  – G sus4

Fret 6  – G#/Ab sus4

Fret 7  – A sus4

Fret 8  – A#/Bb sus4

Fret 9  – B sus4

Fret 10- C sus4

Fret 11- C#/Db sus4

Fret 12- D sus4

E Minor (Em)

Open  – E Minor

Fret 1  – F Minor

Fret 2  – F#/Gb Minor

Fret 3  – G Minor

Fret 4  – G#/Ab Minor

Fret 5  – A Minor

Fret 6  – A#/Bb Minor

Fret 7  – B Minor

Fret 8  – C Minor

Fret 9  – C#/Db Minor

Fret 10- D Minor

Fret 11- D#/Eb Minor

Fret 12- E Minor

Using the chord shapes above play the following chord progressions.


| C                        | G                        | F                        | Em                 |

(E on fret 9)       (E on fret 4)      (E on fret 2)     (Em on Open)

Now try these yourself


| D                         | A                        | G                        | Bm              |


| F                        | Am                     | C                       | Gm          |


| Bb                      | Dm                       | Gm                   | Eb             |

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