Moveable Chord Shapes – Power Chords.

If you want to play any music with a bit of strength or power then power chords are a valuable tool. They are also known as the “5”, as seen below. These are both shown in the open position but as long as you maintain the chord shape they can be played on any fret as listed below. These chords are most effective when played with downward strokes.

All triads (basic chords) have 3 notes and these relate to the scale of the same name. So an E Major chord takes notes from an E Major scale. The notes that it takes are the 1, 3, and 5 notes. In all chords it tis the 3 note that makes a chord Major or Minor.

The “5” chords are neither Major nor Minor chords as the 3 note is missing. So the Power Chord (5) has the notes 1, 5 and 8 (there are 7 notes in a scale so the 8 is the same as the 1 but sounds higher).

These chords are the basis of a lot of rock music genders and give the hard, edgy feel to the music.

Every song you have played could be played with power chords.

If a song uses the chords:-

G Major becomes G5 (shape 1 on fret 3)

C Major becomes C5 (shape 2 on fret 3)

D Major becomes D5 (shape 2 on fret 5)

E Minor becomes E5 (shape 1 open).


Open  – E 5 (E Power chord)

Fret 1   – F 5

Fret 2  – F#/Gb 5

Fret 3  – G 5

Fret 4  – G#/Ab 5

Fret 5  – A 5

Fret 6  – A#/Bb 5

Fret 7  – B 5

Fret 8  – C 5

Fret 9  – C#/Db 5

Fret 10- D 5

Fret 11- D#/Eb 5

Fret 12- E 5

Open   – A 5 (A Power chord)

Fret 1  – A#/Bb 5

Fret 2  – B 5

Fret 3  – C 5

Fret 4  – C#/Db 5

Fret 5  – D 5

Fret 6  – D#/Eb 5

Fret 7  – E 5

Fret 8  – F 5

Fret 9  – F#/Gb 5

Fret 10- G 5

Fret 11- G#/Ab 5

Fret 12- A 5  

You can Download this from Fact Sheets.

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