The Eurythmics – Here comes the Rain Again – Unplugged

The main reason that I chose this clip is that it is unplugged. I remember playing duets with my wife singing and me playing the guitar. When you have only one instrument you have to work hard to make the whole song interesting and that is what Dave Stewart does with the guitar. There are moments of intensity and moments of subtlety. There are the standard chords and lots of movement around the neck. There a number of strumming and picking techniques used.

I believe that if you were looking to expand your guitar playing ability this clip would give you an amazing insight into what is possible on an acoustic guitar.

Add to all of this one of the most versatile and technically brilliant singers ever, in Annie Lennox, and you have a dream team. They move together as one through the song creating and exciting in this expressive version of their own song.

The whole unplugged music idea gained popularity around the 1990’s following the MTV Unplugged series of concerts. Many Major bands and artists of the time created their own “Unplugged” versions and performed them. Unplugged is really just a throwback to the folk clubs and café culture that has been around for a long time.

So here is the Eurythmics Unplugged with Here Comes the Rain Again. Enjoy.

1 thought on “The Eurythmics – Here comes the Rain Again – Unplugged

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