Backing Tracks.

Backing Tracks are a very useful tool for all musicians as you are instantly playing with other instruments without being with other musicians and you can practice things over and over again without the embarrassment of getting things wrong.

I have added the first of many backing tracks and it has 2 sections in each backing track. The first is for people wanting to play single note lines (lead). This can be used by every instrument made, to practice scales and improvising.

The second section has the rhythm guitar missing so is good for any instrument that can play more than one note (rhythm). This can be all stringed instruments and keyboard instruments.

In the coming months I am looking at turning the backing tracks into backing videos to make them even more helpful.

I have also added the fretboard diagram for the guitar in the factsheets section so this will be the link between music theory (found on the Guitar progression1 download) and where those notes are on your instrument.

Combine all the resources available to get the most out your playing experience.

So download the guitar fretboard factsheet from Factsheets, Guitar progression 1 from Backing Tracks and the link for the audio track from Backing Tracks.

Try the suggestions listed and some more of your own. Enjoy.

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