This Weekend with Live Music !!!!

So this weekend I had one of those enjoyable opportunities to go and experience live music. It has to be one of my favourite things to do. Saturday was about acoustic music with Brooke Austen, a great blend of rhythmical music with soaring vocals – a great start.

Look up – Brooke Austen Music on Facebook.

Then the act that we had come to see – Wild Eyed Wonder. We had seen this electric singer songwriter at a local café and had stayed looking than our drinks lasted to experience her joyous love of music, it was infectious. Saturday she brought a band with her and it was well worth the trip. Jazz and funk fused with rock and the cheekiness that she has in abundance. We chatted with her afterwards and she is as engaging off the stage as she is on it.

Look up – Wild Eyed Wonder on Facebook.

Next The Lighthearts, which were an unashamed electric folk band. Again all the excitement of youth and great musicianship meant that another hour flew by. I checked them out on facebook and will be following their progress. I am looking forward to seeing them live again. Sadly other commitments meant that was it for the day but we were already getting excited about the Jazz and Blues that was on offer on Sunday.

Look up – The Lighthearts on Facebook

Sunday did not disappoint. We started with Adelina Martinez and the Savoy Swingers bringing a celebration of Ella Fitzgerald. The singer was perfect and the band were just effortless. We were comfortable and chilled out. Sadly we had missed earlier Jazz bands but what came next was worth coming for.

Look up – Adelina Martinez on Facebook

BB Factory brought their own version of old style blues which brought all the best of the old and fused it with modern styles. Looking around there was toes tapping and bodies moving in time to the music.

Look up – BB Factory on Facebook

Building on their success came Blues Arcadia with a front man that was energy personified. The band had people up and dancing with tune after tune just leaving me wanting more.

Look up – Blues Arcadia on Facebook

Lastly came Mason Rock, a trio that brought high energy songs along with quieter moments, stories about the singer’s life and jokes brought an honesty that was refreshing. Their on stage antics also added to the overall enjoyment. We went home tired but excited about music again.

Look up – Mason Rack on Facebook

Check out these great acts on the links provided and go and get your own dose of live music.

Please tell me about great bands and artists that you have found – I can never get enough of new music.

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